Open-world games are often filled with amusing bugs at launch. Watch Dogs is no exception, as a new "honest gameplay trailer" demonstrates.

The trailer (via Reddit) shows off sixteen huge glitches encountered throughout the game. Here's a run-down of each just in case you're unable to watch the video.
  • Cars float down the road like they're balloons.
  • Aiden's motorcycle falls through the highway, causing him to fall to his death.
  • Car gets in a collision and lands on top of the stairs to the L-train
  • Man runs in place into Aiden at a fast food joint.
  • Aiden tries to run between two signs spaced several feet apart and hits invisible wall.
  • Aiden uses a crane to lower a crate onto a car. The crate pushes the car through the dock and into the water below it.
  • A broken fire hydrant sprays water straight through a car sitting on top of it.
  • An NPC bows in front of Aiden's car and refuses to move. He pushes the NPC like a hockey puck with his car.
  • Aiden opens the door of his subway car to find a police cruise nestled between the two cars.
  • Criminals runs in place into a van to escape Aiden.
  • Train track slowly curves upward as Aiden walks along it. The train is left sitting in mid-air.
  • Aiden climbs on top of a truck to get over a fence but runs into an invisible wall.
  • Aiden drives a motorcycle into the path of an oncoming train. It stops immediately.
  • An NPC drives by in a car with an invisible chassis.
  • Aiden sideswipes another car. The collision causes him to go tumbling out of his car without the door even opening. He collides mid-air with an oncoming car, causing the vehicle to go flying backwards.
  • Traffic light is run over by a car and bounces back and forth as though it's made of rubber.
The trailer also incorporates all of the glowing press quotes from official Watch Dogs trailers to great effect. Nothing shows how over-the-top a statement like "genre-defining sandbox experience" is like footage of NPC's sprinting in place.

To be fair to Watch Dogs, though, the game's less than a week old. Some of these glitches will get patched out by Ubisoft in time, especially if they plan to keep gamers playing for several months with post-launch content..

Also, as I said, a lot of open-world games are kind of a mess at launch. The combination of player freedom and a large world means there's a lot of potential for bugs. Players could make trailers like this for Skyrim and GTA 5 - and have on numerous occasions. It's Watch Dogs' turn to get ribbed, though.

If you want to find out whether Watch Dogs is worth a purchase in spite of the bugs, check out our review.
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