It was a big morning for game announcements at the Sony Gamescom press conference, featuring brand new games like Resogun and Velocity 2X, a new look at previously announced offerings, like Watch_Dogs and Infamous: Second Son, and even a few surprises, like the fact that Borderlands 2 is coming to Vita.

The PlayStation Blog basically exploded this afternoon as a dozen posts rehashing Gamescom announcements blasted onto the internet in rapid succession.

We begin our trek through the vastness of it all with a new trailer for the highly anticipated hack-the-world game, Watch_Dogs, featuring what appears to be a disgruntled hacker who has an axe to grind with the game’s protagonist.

Moving right along, we’ll now take a gander at the new trailer for Infamous: Second Son, featuring a look at a new female character, some nifty new super powers, and a brief and vague look at some of the conflict that will make up this PS4 exclusive’s storyline.

Another new PS4 title comes in the form of Resogun, the latest offering from Housemarque, the studio behind Super Stardust. Resogun looks to be an interesting evolution of the Stardust mechanics with action this time taking place on a 2D plane in the form of a side-scrolling bullet hell. You can expect plenty of glowing bullets, loads of enemy ships and turrets to destroy and all of the flashy special weapons you can manage.

Jumping now to the Vita, how does a dose of Borderlands 2 sound? While no release date outside of “2014” has been offered, it was confirmed during this morning’s show that the FPS loot-a-thon, Borderlands 2, will be making its way to Sony’s portable device. Whether or not the game’s many DLC packs will be included in the price of admission also remains a mystery. The one thing we do know is that this is actually happening and, yeah, it’s pretty dang rad.

Finally, we’ve got one more trailer to share, and it comes from indie developer FuturLab. The game is Velocity 2X, and it’s the sequel to the surprise hit Mini-turned-full-Vita-game, Velocity Ultra. If you like space battles, tricky flying and warp drives, then you’ll want to check this one out.

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