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Ubisoft is apparently preparing a closed beta test for open-world action game Watch Dogs. A listing for the test has popped up on the Xbox One's storefront as well as the Upload Studio.

The listings, spotted by Reddit users, don't tell us much. They're placeholder listings so they don't even have proper images. The description on the Xbox Store even has a typo which is slowly driving me mad.

The beta is presumably for Watch Dogs' online mode. The game's multiplayer was originally envisioned as one-on-one hacking duels. One player would try to sneak up to another player and then remotely steal some data from their phone. Then they would try to flee before the other player could kill them.

However, in the past few months, Ubisoft has expanded their online plans. The game now also supports eight-player, free-roaming multiplayer:

Ubisoft indicated in a recent Twitch Q&A that the multiplayer is still about stealth rather than aggression. It sounds like they want something a little more methodical than the criminal mayhem of GTA Online. The drop-in/drop-out multiplayer can be turned off altogether if players don't want to fend off rival hackers. There's also a shield feature that limits other players from attacking you non-stop.

The company's taken a very methodical approach to development so far, delaying the game several times so it could be polished up. A public beta intended to spot any glitches or bugs before launch would be consistent with that strategy.

Watch Dogs is coming out in May so if they plan to hold a beta for multiplayer, it would need to happen soon. Perhaps an official announcement is just a matter of weeks or days away.

While the beta listings were only spotted on Xbox One, it wouldn't be surprising if the test was coming to other platforms. Watch Dogs is also launching on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC in May.

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