Watch Dogs

It looks like we're about to get another Watch Dogs trailer from Ubisoft. They've released an interesting teaser image from the open-world game that promises a new video.

"Surveillance Rpt #274789: Suspect Aiden Pearce was seen on Lake St. ctOS is pulling video, will be updated tomorrow," Ubisoft said on Twitter.

Watch Dogs' plot is centered around a supercomputer known as CtOS. The CtOS monitors all citizens in Chicago and also controls many of the electronic devices. This system was designed to make society more secure but I imagine the game will explore whether all of this control and surveillance is a good thing.

Aiden Pearce is the main character of the game. He's a hacker who can use the system to his advantage. For example, he can tap into the traffic light system to cause a crash, or stop a train so he can use it to make a getaway.

The tweet from Ubisoft suggests that the new Watch Dogs video will be released tomorrow. Check back then to get a look at it.

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