Watch Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon's Graphic Sex Scene

** NSFW **

One-liners? Check. Token black guy? Double check. Sincere cheese? Triple check. Tons of explosions? Quadruple check. Graphic sex scene set to an awesome soundtrack? You bet your retro bottom dollar bill.

Ubisoft didn't hold anything back with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, opening up a plethora of pleasantries in the form of digital sprites with the recently released total-conversion standalone. The cheap but well-regarded and critically acclaimed spin-off has spawned plenty to talk about and just about all of it has been positive.

I'm curious if the video above, courtesy of Cramgaming, will garner any of the criticisms that things like Mass Effect 3's side-boob and bare blue butt brought upon BioWare or will people overlook this little bit of exposure since it's using an ancient graphic art-style? Ubisoft only seemed to receive high marks for the original graphic sex scene in Far Cry 3.

Regardless of what any naysayers might have to say about it, Blood Dragon is a new-age masterpiece of retro grade goodness. And by and far, that soundtrack is absolutely so freaking awesome. Power Glove really knocked it out of the box and if you love it as much as I do, feel free to check it out on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is available right now digitally for home consoles and for PC. If you miss the greatest era of entertainment for mankind, then don't hesitate to pick up the game for only $14.99. Also, the first 30 minutes of Blood Dragon is an absolute

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