Far Cry 3 Full Sex Scene Revealed

If you lay down $60 just to bang a virtual chick in first-person you obviously haven't been using the internet to your full advantage. However, if you bought Far Cry 3 for a great FPS experience but then decided you couldn't wait to see the sex scene and decided to come to the internets, well, then you're doing it right.

A forum user from Nextgen Update decided to record and upload the full sex scene from Far Cry 3, you know that one scene from the trailer that Ubisoft unveiled at E3 this year, the one that had everyone talking about “boobs”? Yeah, that scene. Well you can check out the full thing below. However, let me simply say...**Obvious Spoiler Warning Is Unavoidably Obvious**

Yeah, and Jack Thompson was all peeved out over “Hot Coffee” in GTA: San Andreas. All I have to say is that Rockstar ain't got nothing on Ubisoft.

If the above video embed isn't working for you, try the HD Springboard version on the next page.

If you want to experience the sex in Far Cry 3 first hand you could always go out and get a girlfriend. If you have a wife...well, you'll still probably want to get a girlfriend. For those of you who can't get a girlfriend...there's still the internet. Alternatively, you know, you can just pay $60 to get banged and then stabbed in the chest.

Far Cry 3 is out now for home consoles and it's obviously rated 'M' for Mature because of all the blood, violence and gore.

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