Those lucky Japanese. While Americans are begging for more games like Shenmue the Japanese seem to get those kinds of games in abundance. Spike and Acquire released the new debut trailer for the upcoming The Way of the Samurai 4, which features Shenmue style gameplay, adventuring and a grand story to top it all off.

Unfortunately my Japanese isn’t entirely up to par but it’s obvious that players take control of a samurai like in previous iterations of the game and go around being all honorable and stuff, beheading people and stabbing them like no tomorrow.

Hopefully UFO Interactive will pick up this game to publish and distribute in North America like they did with previous versions of the series, since we just don’t seem to get enough games like this. You can check out the new debut trailer for The Way of the Samurai 4 below courtesy of Game Trailers, which is due out this summer in Japan for the PS3, and we’ll keep you posted on any news of a North America release.

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