From June 14th to June 20th we rocked out a lot of news here at Blend Games. This includes a top ten list by Rich Knight for music-based games that aren’t Guitar Hero, Rock Band or DDR, some news about the Halo 3:ODST pre-order bonus that grants you access to the upcoming Halo: Reach beta, the possibility of a Xbox 360 120GB HDD price-cut, some Christians speaking out about the fake religious protests over Dante's Inferno, and plenty of flamebait spouted about the PS3 by video game publishers. And, of course, throughout the week there were some pretty good trailers worth watching, which you can view below.


Criterion Says “No One Has Maxed Out Xbox 360 And PS3” Well, I think readers may disagree but as long as the games are good, why complain?

Ten Music Games That Aren’t Guitar Hero or DDR. Blend Games’ Rich Knight compiles a list of some truly memorable music-based games that is definitely worth checking out.

Neversoft Thinks Integration Between DJ Hero And Guitar Hero Is Possible. And by gosh, there should be some sort of integration between the two. Click the link to find out how they plan on doing that.


PS3 Consoles Banned In Prison To Prevent Escapes. Shouldn’t they be banned in prison because it’s prison?!

Christians Attack Fake Dante’s Inferno Protest. Hmm, what do the real Christians think about the fake religious protest? Click the link to find out.

King Of Fighters Online Coming In 2010. The trailer is in the article and the game looks absolutely amazing.

Aliens Colonial Marines Coming In 2010 At The Earliest. As long as the multiplayer co-op features stay intact, I don’t mind waiting.


Need For Speed Shift Driver Profile Detailed. And it is and is not as impressive as you might think.

Joymax Will Finally Update SilkRoad Online. Now what about Deco Online and DarkEden?

Game Prices Might Go Up Again. As if $60 isn’t enough? Click the link to find out how much the price might go up.

CellFactor Psychokinetic Wars Review. Blend Games’ Andy Keener puts his psychic prowess to the test in this physics-based first-person shooter.

May PC Sales: Fallout, StarCraft And Diablo Nostalgia. Newer doesn’t always sell better…well, that’s what the stats are saying.


Necessary Force A Mix Of Sin City, Max Payne And The Punisher. That’s not a bad mix if you like action games. It would be a completely different story if were talking about real life, though. That would be kind of scary.

Champions Online Not As Time Consuming As World Of Warcraft. Well, that’s what the developers are saying these days.

Giveaway: Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Game For PS3 And Xbox 360. It’s a good giveaway and definitely worth checking out.


Flower, Sun And Rain Review. Blend Games’ Ryan Rigney cracks open Suda51’s PS2 port on the Nintendo DS and the results are a bit surprising.

Activision Threatens To Abandon PS3 And PSP. The PS3/Xbox 360 flamewar just got upgraded to 10.0 with these baiting comments from Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick.

Ubisoft: “Seriously, No Splinter Cell Conviction For PS3”. Oh zing! Two flamebait articles back-to-back and this is coming from gaming publishers!

Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta Detailed. If you thought Point Look was the final DLC for Fallout 3, think again.

Xbox 360 120GB HDD Getting A Price-Cut Soon. The proof is in the pricing.

PS3 Exclusive Heavy Rain Still Needs Work. David Cage explains why this game is getting delayed, yet again.

Internet Pretends To Care About Ghostbusters The Game’s Graphics. Yeah, because graphics really don’t matter…or do they?

Halo 3 ODST Pre-Order Bonus And Screenshots. There are a few details about Halo: Reach’s beta, too.


Dynasty Warriors 6 Create-A-Warrior Trailers. Koei released some footage showing off how you can really bring your own warrior to life.

Killing Floor $10,000 Map Making Contest Announced. You could win $10,000 for creating a map used to kill zombies. Does really get any better?

Fuel: PS3 Giveaway Underway. Find out how to win a free copy for the PlayStation 3 from Gaming Front.

Capcom Reveals Street Fighter IV 2nd Version In The Works. It may include Rolento and Balrog and few other misused characters.

No Hitler In Wolfenstein. It’s as simple as that…you’ll have to play the original Wolfenstein 3D if you want to lay waste to the evil-mustached man.

Exclusive Fireburst Screenshots Released. Let it be known that the other screenshots were not from Fireburst.

Real Valve Fans Form L4D2 Enthusiast Group. Can the real Valve fans please stand up? Oh, it looks like they just did. Thank you!


Weekly Rock Band DLC Warped Tour 2009, Maroon 5. Because what would life be without a few extra songs added to the hundreds of tunes available for Rock Band?

Forza Motorsport 3 Bonus Announced. As if 400 cars and 100 tracks aren’t enough, there is actually an added bonus to purchasing the game. Nice.

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time Hands-On Preview. The Game Reviews puts their impressions into words from their hands-on time with this first-party PS3 title.

God Of War III: 13 Minutes Of Gameplay. Platform Nation unveils 13 whole minutes of gameplay from one of the most anticipated games coming out of Sony’s camp.

Games On-Demand Title Shows Up Early, Then Pulled. 360 Sync discusses which Xbox 360 favorite showed up as an on-demand title for download but then it was pulled. Oh, bummer.

All righty, folks…that wraps up this edition of the Weekly Recap. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for our upcoming reviews for Damnation, Fuel, and the location-based adventure game, Treasure World. You can check out the ArmaII launch trailer below, which is sure to knock your socks off. Enjoy.

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