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Sony seems to think that Uncharted 4 is going to sell big business when it launches next month during the mid part of May. They're gearing up for its release with a digital buffet of paraphernalia based around Uncharted 4, all of which will are being sold through the Uncharted Gear Shop.

IGN did a quick rundown of some of the items you can purchase in the Uncharted 4 Gear shop. The items are available in the U.K., at the moment but I imagine they'll be available for American consumers soon.

You can grab things like an Uncharted 4 mug for £9.35, or a wallet for £14.00. They have baseball caps that come in a clay-colored logo design with blue livery.

There are four t-shirts available as well, each one offering wearers something very different as far as design is concerned. There's a tan shirt with a silhouette of Nate on the corner of the shirt with a map lightly highlighted on his shadow and an Uncharted 4 on the bottom part of the sleeve on the opposite side. The white t-shirt has a black font and compass asymmetrically sprawled across the lower half of the shirt. The final shirt is black with a gold skull and the word “Pro Deus Qvod Licentia” printed in a circumferential design around the skull in the middle of the shirt with the year “1710” at the bottom. The last shirt is a basic white t-shirt with an Uncharted 4 logo in the center.

They have miscellaneous things like a Nathan Drake action figure with 25 points of movement articulation, and he comes with a rather detailed AK-47, a 9mm pistol, a shoulder holster for the pistol and his Indiana Jones-style grappling hook. We previously had a glimpse of this action figure months ago when its design early design concepts were teased on Twitter. The action figure stays very true to the concept of the character in the game, as Nate can wield a pistol and AK-47, and he will also have to rely very heavily on the grappling hook this time around, both for traversal and combat purposes.

If you want more productivity-oriented gear, the PlayStation Gear shop has you covered. There are notebooks based on Uncharted 4 in A5 size for only £4.99, and there are a series of guides available for the game in paperback form, hardcover and as a limited collector's edition. Each one gets significantly more expensive than the next, especially the limited edition hardcover, which carries a price of £68.50.

Some of the gear is priced pretty decently, so if you're a fan of Uncharted and you wanted to express your love of the franchise with some apparel, a wallet, coffee mugs or notepads, you can do so at some decent prices.

As for the game itself... it's already gone gold and they're prepping for the worldwide release on May 10th for the PlayStation 4. This is being hailed as the final Uncharted game that Naughty Dog will be making, and likely the last game to star Nathan Drake. You can check out the entire catalog of items based on the popular action-adventure series by heading over to the PlayStation Gear product shop.

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