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When gamers get frustrated and break their controller, they usually go out and buy a new one. However, when one gamer broke his DualShock because a virtual soccer player missed a goal, he asked the real player to replace it.

According to, Mario Thissen was playing as Mario Götze in FIFA and missed a pivotal penalty kick. Thissen responded by hurling his DualShock 3 PlayStation controller at the wall, breaking it into pieces.

Thissen messaged Götze to let him know that he owned him a 49.90€ controller for missing the goal and costing him his beloved PS3 DualShock. The analog stick on one side was completely trashed while the second half of the controller where the face buttons reside is nowhere to be seen, looking like a broken-in-half battle carrier that was on the wrong side of a bombing run.

The destroyed controller seemed like something that Thissen would replace on his own dime. Much to the amazement of everyone, though, Götze actually took time out of his day to post a message on his Facebook page directly to Thissen and acknowledge the gamer's frustrations. He then promised to replace the controller

The post obviously went viral, with more than a 100,000 people being exposed to it. You can check out the post below.

Hallo Mario, in der 90. Minuten einen Elfer zu verschießen, das ist mehr als bitter. Da ist man auf jeden Fall sehr...

Posted by Mario Götze on Friday, June 26, 2015

It doesn't seem like a good idea to reward that kind of behavior, but some people enjoyed this unexpected charity.
B It takes a lot of rage and power to be able to break a DualShock 3 since they're quite sturdy. Thissen must have chucked the thing at the wall pretty hard. It seems really odd that Götze would even acknowledge the fan, much less offer to replace the controller... especially since it wasn't really his fault to begin with.

The post itself has hundreds of messages as people debate, converse and discuss the situation and the implications behind it.

In a way it does seem like enabling bad behavior: someone doesn't get their way, breaks something and has someone else replace it. On the other hand, some people just see it as a fun, one-off interaction between a popular soccer player and a devoted fan.

If a virtual soccer player misses a penalty kick, though, you're better off just taking a break from FIFA. I wouldn't count on soccer players being this consistently charitable to raging fans.

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