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Why You Still Won’t Be Seeing Master Chief’s Face In Halo 5

One of the things Halo fans have clamored about most since the dawn of the franchise has been Master Chief's face. 

It's been the hope of many a gamer that Halo 5 might actually reveal the Spartan's face, but as Gamerant reports, that's not going to be the case. 

While sitting down with Tim Longo, Halo 5's creative director, Gamerant saw fit to get to the bottom of things, asking whether or not this entry might well be the one where Chief pops off his helmet for us to finally see what's underneath. Would we really see John-117 unmasked in Halo 5: Guardians?

“I actually don’t even know if I can talk about that… He doesn’t take his helmet off.”

It appears Longo's answer is the final one, even though the way he's worded it seems like he could simply be insinuating that perhaps there's a chance, but I don't think there's really any way we're going to. But why would we really need to? Part of the allure of Halo is stepping into the MJOLNIR armor and becoming a soldier on your own merit, especially since there are several opportunities to make the narrative your own. 

It's hardly something to be upset about, either. There's a ton of content coming to Halo 5: Guardians, including a campaign that's supposedly twice as big as Halo 4's, a new multiplayer mode known as Warzone, and a narrative that you can guarantee will be another glimpse at some of the great sci-fi surrounding the Halo narrative. 

There was one point during the Legendary ending for Halo 4 where we saw what looked like a man who could be Chief, but it's very underwhelming. It's a very nondescript white male whose eyes are darkened. Honestly, you could supplant anyone in there and it'd be the same game. 

The funny thing is we'll probably never end up seeing Master Chief's face, just like we'll never learn too much about him, personally. If we got too close, we'd know too much. And that could ruin the secrecy, the mystery behind the character. Personally I'm good with not knowing, because it drives me to keep going, just like real-life mysteries. It might destroy the game for me if Chief is just another normal-looking guy. I'd be equally upset if he were deformed in some way.