Wii U Potentially Outsells Xbox One In Weekly Sales

VGChartz has put up their weekly sales numbers for the home gaming platforms and portable devices. Their numbers are usually quite accurate as they come close with a measure of certainty and precision to estimating total sales numbers. Well, despite being hailed as the controversial bearer of fanboy flames, VGChartz' latest numbers speak an almost unfathomable sales crime.

Nintendo Enthusiast looked over the numbers and noticed a bit of a discrepancy between who was supposed to be selling a lot and what was supposed to be dying a fiery death in console hell. But don't just take my word for it, check out the chart for yourself below.

Now I'm sure fanboys without flameproof jockstraps on would probably retort:

“But, but, but... the Xbox One isn't sold in Japan!”

That's correct, but neither is the PS4 and it still seems to be moving massive numbers.

“But, but, but... the numbers must be lying, the Wii U is dying!”

The Wii U isn't dying. It's doing just the opposite. The system has been selling well since September.

“But, but, but... it's VGChartz!”

Well, here is where things get tricky because that is and is not a valid argument.

We interviewed the folks at VGChartz years ago to find out how they calculated cumulative sales data, and the owner explained the following...

“The figures on VG Chartz represent the entire market. I obviously don’t collect data for 100% of the market, but with the help of a few others behind the scenes we collect a sample of data and use scaling factors derived from analyzing historical data and estimating the extent and bias of our market coverage to arrive at our final figures.”

The estimates for the sales from VGChartz isn't far off from what was estimated for the sales of the Wii U in Japan, which moved 119,159 SKUs in the previous sales week. In fact, there's an error ratio to within five thousands units, which isn't perfect but still offers a good gauge on the overall sales data from the market.

In fact, if we decided to give the error in favor of the Xbox One – noting that perhaps Microsoft's new generation console could have sold 5,000 more SKUs over the Wii U, it would still put the Xbox One at 312,366 SKUs for the week ending on December 21st, with the Wii U still situated at 319,860. In other words: even purposefully scaling the numbers in favor of the Xbox One (with no recourse for the Wii U in the same measure) the Xbox One still falls short of the little Wii U that could.

Nintendo Enthusiast makes it known that the numbers are not concrete and that until we get the NPD and Media Create sales to back up the numbers, we can take the chart with a grain of salt.

Nevertheless, the numbers do seem to greatly represent the current buying trends of the market and do seem to reflect Nintendo's resurgence into the public eye throughout the holiday season, veritably putting that 340% sales boost into keen perspective.

I can't wait for the NPD results to roll out for December, so we can see just how much the Wii U is putting a whooping to the Xbox One.

Wii U vs PS4... here we come.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.