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The system is still a few months out from release and the games are an equal ways out from release, too, but some companies are already laying out the pre-order bonuses for some of the content in upcoming Wii U titles. Warner Bros has already let loose a bit of a pre-order bonus for the upcoming open-world action game for the Wii U, Lego City Undercover.

According to Segment Next gamers who pre-order Lego City Undercover early will receive a Minifig of the game's main antagonist, Rex Fury, the guy that gamers will be hunting throughout their open-world adventure while engaging in numerous, hardcore action-packed exploits.

The game itself is similar to a Lego version of the original True Crime: Streets of LA, just a little less tactless and without all the zombie-vampires, naked dragon-ghost ladies and presumably without an evil sex dungeon ran by a kung-fu master Korean dictator. Yeah, True Crime: Streets of LA was just that awesome.

If an open-world, block-building, vehicular-based, fighting game featuring Legos seems like something you'd like to dabble your joystick into then you'll need to look no further than November 18th to pick up a copy of the game and a Wii U to get your undercover antics on.

According to El33t Online the game will be a launch title for the Wii U, so you'll have a Minifig alongside your copy of the game as soon as you place a pre-order. You can learn more about the Wii U's launch line-up and system specs right here.

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