Wii U Price Slashed To £149.00 On Amazon UK

There are some good things popping in the world of gaming lately: Microsoft has actually listened to gamers, Sony has all sorts of good things on the horizon for the PlayStation brand, EVO 2013 is here and the Nintendo Wii U just got its price slashed by a massive amount on Amazon UK.

I guess, one could say that while EA is raising prices on games, Nintendo is lowering prices on their console (insert troll face here).

This is not an official price cut, though. The deal is available only on Amazon in the United Kingdom (opens in new tab) and offers customers £50.00 savings off the original £200.00 price tag for the standard 8GB edition of the Wii U. Why the used versions of the system are more expensive than new systems is beyond me, but someone would have to be pretty silly to buy a used consoles for more than the price of a new console, which is both new and cheaper.

Moreover, in conversion rate talk, the £149.00 price point would effectively drop the price of the Wii U down to around $225.00 in U.S. Dollars. That's a pretty good deal and if I were a betting man, I would certainly suspect that Nintendo would probably make that price point official come the fall shopping season. A few new games and a lower price (or a bundle pack) and we could be seeing the Wii U fly off store shelves just as fast as when Microsoft was selling Wii U's back in May.

Sadly, Americans will have to still pony up $300 for the Wii U's basic 8GB at this time, as the console's price on the U.S., version of Amazon (opens in new tab) has not changed.

As it stands, many of the rumored hardware sales reports from places like VG Chartz indicates that the Wii U is still barely moving 10,000 units per week, which is not a good sign.

While analysts and doom-mongerers have really come down hard on the side of the Big 'N', including gaming's own Dorito Pope, the reality is that Nintendo just needs to get the software rolling in and it looks like they'll be doing a lot of it on their own, especially without the help of Electronic Arts.

The company still has an uphill struggle ahead of them to maintain market share dominance over the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nintendo's biggest competition will obviously come from Sony, and we could be seeing a repeat of the 5th generation of console gaming between the PlayStation One and N64, the only difference is that Nintendo has a good head start and some ample time to establish a solid platform standing with their console.

Also, potentially getting some leverage from a periodic price drop from retailers just might help them stave off the turn-over of market share to either Sony or Microsoft. Although, given the poor state of the Xbox One's public opinion, I doubt Nintendo will have to worry too much about them.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.