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Well, if there was any doubt about the Wii U, it should promptly be removed, locked away in a dirty old closet and blockaded with a shelf full of dust-covered Xbox One's. Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U's sales have surged a massive 685% thanks to the price cut and the Wind Waker HD bundle going live. All that 1080p in Wind Waker HD really helped Nintendo move some units.

MCV UK is reporting that Nintendo reached out to them and confirmed the sales spike, noting that...
“Wii U UK sales rose by more than 685 per cent last week, Nintendo has told MCV.

“The sudden improvement in sales follows the debut of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, which debuted at No.4 in the Chart-Track All-Formats Charts lastweek.”

This is excellent news for the Big 'N' who has struggled throughout majority of this year to get the Wii U recognized, and much more than that get a substantial lead on the upcoming release of the PS4 and Xbox One. While more than three-and-a-half million SKUs firmly established in homes is a great number, it's not exactly where Nintendo would probably like to be – which is easily somewhere north of the five million mark.

The biggest struggle with the Wii U – and the promotion of the console – has fallen with people not being readily enticed by the software offerings. Looking at the line-up of Wii U titles in the early part of the year, it's easy to see how people would skip over the console and keep with what they already had or ignore it altogether.

Nintendo slowly trickled out games like Lego City Undercover, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101, but none of them have been the killer apps that the Wii U needed to move larger numbers. Hence, it was sad times throughout many months as the Wii U heaved and puffed its way to moving just under 200,000 SKUs a month.

Nintendo hasn't been sitting on their hands the entire time, though. The company has been working hard to strengthen the Wii U's library with exclusive games and offerings ranging from indie titles to AAA games all fit for a console king come 2014. From Bayonetta 2 to Monolith's X, the Big 'N' has some intriguing and high-profile games on the horizon, including the graphically intense Project CARS.

James Honeywell , Nintendo’s head of consumer marketing in the UK commented about Nintendo's proliferation in software to help boost hardware sales, noting to The Independent that...
"We have long believed that software sells hardware and it's great to see that reaffirmed this week with an uplift of Wii U hardware sales to coincide with the launch of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD,"

While the Dorito Pope may have hammered the Regginator at E3 about the Wii U's lack of software and how it was coming in swinging and missing the competition during the console war fight, Iwata and crew haven't backed down from supporting the little Wii U that could.

This fall will be very interesting and I can't wait to see what the full NPD results look like for September and October for the Wii U and how well it's performing with the new price cut and bundle pack.

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