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A new trailer for Monolith Soft's X has been unleashed and it features giant mechs, giant monsters, cool special attacks, amazing graphics and all the power of the Wii U jam packed into a true next-gen title.

During the Nintendo Direct earlier today, Nintendo made several big announcements for upcoming games due out for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as unleashing a barrage of undeniably sweet new trailers for the Wii U.

One of those sweet new trailers happened to be that mystery game from Monolith Soft, the makers of historically famed titles Xenoblade and Xenogears (amongst others). The video footage above shows a game that appears to be coming along quite nicely and it's exclusive for the Wii U.

So what makes the game destroy the competition? Well, for one thing it's not another modern (or futuristic) military shooter. That cuts out half the catalog for anticipated games across both the Xbox One and PS4.

It doesn't rely on cheap scripted corridor moments of “intensity”. That means you won't be getting any “Logan, climb over that ledge by repeatedly tapping 'X'” segments. It also cuts out all those GOTY contenders a certain company is known for pumping out.

Instead, X relies on gameplay diversity. It's the sort of game that will help the Wii U shine because its focus is on gameplay (and it looks freaking sexy to boot, and looking good while being good always helps).

Notice also how the game seems tuned in to support seamless multiplayer with its MMO-style gameplay. Even more than that is that the game takes place in an open-world. In fact, that one-ups both Titanfall and The Order 1886, since both games are jammed in arena or linear-style map designs.

The Media Wheel of Nintendoom can lament Nintendo's lack of concession into ceding their properties to the mobile arena, but it's games like X that prove that the console and the company are one of the few who actually seem to be putting video games first.

Player customization, mech customization and the fact that you can openly battle bad guys on the ground or inside your giant 100 ton machine of ultimate destruction is the perfect compliment to what most people would consider “next-gen gaming”.

While other consoles struggle to pump out resolutions a few thousand pixels more than its predecessor, Nintendo is going for the full monty: they're amping up the graphics, amping up the gameplay and amping up the experiences.

I'm willing to bet that X will be the console exclusive to beat this fall, and it's obvious both The Order 1886 and Titanfall are lacking to measure up as equal competitors, so we'll have to see what Microsoft and Sony unveil at E3 to rival a game on the scope of X, which is being hailed as Grand Theft Auto meets Monster Hunter meets Xenoblade.

Let the games begin.

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