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CD Projekt RED has provided a new set of screenshots from their multiplatform RPG The Witcher 3. They also explained a bit more about the open-world design at the heart of the game.

The world of Witcher 3 is said to be 30 times that of Witcher 2. CD Projekt is cramming these lands full of side quests. They estimate that there's 50 hours of optional content. The main story is said to be the same length as well, making it [crunches numbers] a 100 hour game.

Branching storylines and player decisions were key components of the previous Witcher games. The third installment in the series will continue that tradition. The game world will change depending on the player's choices in both the main storyline and the optional content.

The new screenshots, below, show off the islands of Skellige. They're one of many regions that players will travel to in their journey. For additional screenshots from Skellige, head here.

Witcher 3 is due in 2014 on PS4 and other "high-end platforms."