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Apparently Steam's seen some good returns from their previous mid-week specials and they're going to continue the practice. Today they announced that The Witcher will be sold at half price until Thursday, October 29th.

The Witcher is a "low fantasy" RPG meaning it's a bit more risque and violent than you might be used to. You play as Geralt, a monster slayer with a habit of bedding everything in his sight. The version sold through Steam is the "Enhanced Edition," which includes two new quests as well as the D'Jinni Adventure Editor so you can spin your own tales. There's also the usual special edition trappings like a behind-the-scenes video and official soundtrack.

Developer CD Projekt is currently working on a sequel. Unlike the first game, a PC exclusive, the follow-up will appear on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well.

Update: It seems Impulse has the same discount in effect.

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