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Telltale Games' episodic adventure game The Wolf Among Us will finally continue today. Episode 2, "Smoke and Mirrors," will debut on PC, Mac and North American PS3's.

Wolf Among Us stars Bigby Wolf, the man who used to be the Big Bad Wolf. Bigby and his fellow fairy tale characters - known as "Fables" - were exiled to our world by an enemy known as the Adversary. Many of the Fables now live in a neighborhood of New York City. Bigby acts as the sheriff of "Fabletown," keeping everyone in line and making sure that they use their magical disguises (glamours) so they don't attract attention from the outside world.

If you've played Telltale's The Walking Dead game, you'll be right at home with Wolf. The gameplay consists mainly of exploration and branching dialogues. The story will change based on how you treat other characters; will you be a merciful officer of the law or will you let your wolf side take over? There's some combat as well, though it's just a string of Quick Time Events.

Point is: if you liked Walking Dead, you should definitely check out Wolf Among Us. I think Wolf is every bit as good as its sister series. Plus, playing Wolf means that you'll have another story-driven game to tackle while you're waiting for the Episode 2 of Walking Dead: Season Two. I'm hoping that Telltale can settle into a two-month turnaround time for new episodes of these games and then alternate their releases. It would be nice to have a new Wolf or Walking Dead available each month.

The first episode began with the mysterious murder of a Fable. After some investigating, the player chose one of two suspects to arrest. Some other stuff probably happened in Episode 1 but it was released way back in October. The memory's starting to slip.

Episode 2 will open with the interrogation. After that, Bigby will head out to new locations including a gentleman's club called Pudding & Pie. Last week's trailer revealed that he'll encounter prominent characters from the Fables comics like Jack and Bluebeard.

Each episode of Wolf costs $4.99 on consoles. PC and Mac users don't have the option of buying individual chapters, though. They'll have to spring for the $24.99 Season Pass.

Wolf Among Us will spread to Xbox 360 and European PSN on February 5th. The game should be available for iOS this week as well.
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