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It's another busy week over on the PlayStation Network, with Kratos' first adventure in God of War: Ascension finally making its way to the digital marketplace, alongside new titles like The Wolf Among Us and Angry Birds Trilogy.

There's a little something for everybody in this week's Drop for the PlayStation Networks, including gaming families, youngsters, older players, and even those who enjoy an extremely obscure horse racing game every now and again.

First up is the Angry Birds Trilogy, finally flinging itself onto the PlayStation Vita. By now, you know the drill. Load your slingshot with disgruntled feathered critters and shoot them at poorly constructed fortresses that have been built by the evil green piggies. Angry Birds is available in some form or another on just about every platform known to man, and now the definitive trilogy will be available on PlayStation's portable console.

It's a big week for somewhat bizarre games that few of us have actually heard about. For fans of these series, though, it's certainly a special occasion. One of the best advancements in this current generation of gaming is the fact that less well known games stand a chance of making it to the U.S. market due to the cheaper opportunities found in digital distribution. That's why games like Champion Jockey can release in the States, giving the niche horse racing fanatics a chance to tackle their genre's latest offering. And then there's Cabela's African Adventures, which actually has its development roots in the U.S., but it still an obscure hunting/adventure series all the same.

Along with this week's DVD/Blu-ray launch of Pacific Rim, a game based on the film will make its way to PSN this week, giving players the chance to pilot a Jaeger and take down the Kaiju who are invading our cities.

Skylanders Swap Force is also available this week, continuing the hugely popular action figure-based adventure game alongside the likes of family-friendly trivia game, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Special Editions.

Those looking for an RPG on the Vita may find it in Valhalla Knights 3, offering up lots of grinding, missions and scantly clad ladies in an adventure that takes place within a massive prison castle.

As we said at the beginning of the article, Kratos is back in action on the PS3 and, even though the multiplayer DLC has officially dried up, that doesn't mean players can't still get a lot of miles out of the arena carnage as God of War: Ascension finally makes its way to the digital marketplace. There's also the single player campaign, for those who want to see where Kratos' quest for vengeance against the gods of Olympus truly began.

Finally, Telltale Games' follow-up to The Walking Dead finally begins this week with The Wolf Among Us, another adventure game set in a comic book world driven by the player's choices.

Look for all of that, along with the regular collection of demos, DLC and the like to hit PlayStation Network starting Tuesday afternoon.

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