Better late than never. Mere weeks before Wolfenstein's release, the multiplayer side of the game has finally been explained.

Lead designer Matt Wilson from Endrant Studios, the company developing the game's online features, told Gamespot that there will be three game modes: Team Deathmatch, Objective, and Stopwatch. Objective mode has one team trying to accomplish goals like disabling a prototype tank while the other team attempts to stop them. In Stopwatch matches, an Objective mode is played twice (with teams swapping roles after the first match) and the team who completes the map faster wins.

Yeah, there's no regular Deathmatch mode. Multiplayer is class-based - you have your choice of soldier, medic, or engineer - so you and your team have to find out how to use the classes' differing abilities together to achieve victory. A free-for-all mode would've just resulted in a bunch of people playing soldier.

While each class will have access to unique Veil powers, they'll be different than what the single-player campaign's protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz wields.

"We wanted to keep the three roles distinct, so we gave them their own unique veil powers that are specific to their responsibilities within the team," said Taylor. "The medic's veil power helps him heal other players, for example. The problem with mire--the power that BJ has, which slows down time--is that it's a relative effect; each player would experience it differently. For the player using mire, it appears as if the world is slowing down. From his victim's perspective, he'd appear to move at superhuman speed; impossible to hit and everywhere at once. Even ignoring the technical constraints, this would be no fun for 50 percent of the players involved, so we've tried to come up with veil powers that fit the multiplayer game and are fair to all the players."

Wolfenstein will be released on August 18th for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It's nice to finally know the full scope of the game.

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