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Xbox Live Arcade game World of Keflings is about to get a whole new world to play in as the upcoming “Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice” DLC pack offers some sweet confectionery goodness for players to turn into an oh-so-tasty kingdom of their very own.

Originally released back in 2010, World of Keflings is a resource management world-building game that offers players the chance to create bizarre worlds and interact with various inhabitants to make it the best it can be.

The game's first DLC was released last December and gave players a chance to build their own alien kingdom. After opening the selection of the second DLC up for a vote, players chose a candy theme over graveyard or pirates. Clearly, I was not a part of this voting process. Everyone knows I would have worked my butt off to play in a graveyard-themed world this close to Halloween.

So, without my help, it looks like you have a world of candy to look forward to instead.

It may not be the graveyard world I wold have voted for, but at least it looks like zombies will play some sort of role in this candylicious update. Also, Sugar, Spiace and Not So Nice looks to offer the first Kefling villain, who appears to be a diabolical wizard complete with a pointy hat.

Look for A World of Keflings to get a hell of a lot sweeter thanks to this latest DLC. And while you wait for its unspecified launch date, I'd like you to ponder what you've cost me by not voting for the graveyard theme instead. I'm not angry with you...Just disappointed.

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