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When John Schappert proclaimed that Xbox 360 would have over 1000 titles by the end of 2008, he didn’t just mean those with ninja blood. Oh no, there are also the Xbox LIVE Arcade games to consider. With a select few games being shown off we can at least expect to have great weeks now and then. Hopefully we’ll have more than that, and a few surprises will come down the pipe no one saw coming.

Braid is the brainchild of Independent Games Festival Winner Jonathan Blow, who created a platformer that messes with time. Castle Crashers is from The Behemoth, who created the wildly addictive – and challenging as hell – Alien Hominid HD. The four player RPG will have players hacking and slashing their way through most likely castles. Go! Go! Break Steady is the first game from Little Boy Games and is exclusive to LIVE Arcade. It also has a whimsical Japanese anime style name. Defense Grid: The Awakening is tower defense for XBLA. Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is indeed a real game based on the infamous comic series. Gabe and Tycho do the RPG-adventure thing in a 1920s universe thanks to the game design of Ron Gilbert.

We have some screenshots of each game in the gallery below.