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XCOM: Enemy Unknown Slingshot DLC Announced

Today 2K Games and Firaxis Games revealed that they're planning two DLC packs for strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The first add-on, called the Slingshot Content Pack, will be arriving soon with all-new gameplay.

The Slingshot DLC adds a set of linked missions. Players will encounter a Triad operative and fight aliens in Chinese airspace. They'll unlock a new squadmate with a distinct story and voice, as well as new customization options.

The second DLC pack wasn't detailed. However, the announcement mentions that it's also going to be for the game's single-player.

Additionally, the Elite Soldier Pack is now on sale. The Soldier Pack was previously exclusive to pre-order customers. However, now anyone can buy it for $4.99 to unlock a classic X-Com soldier and new cosmetic upgrades for their troops.

Screenshots for the Slingshot add-on are below.

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Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.