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For gamers who enjoy a blast from the past every now and again, XSEED Games has just what you’ve been looking for. It’s called Bullet Witch, and it’s bringing its unique blend of third-person shooting action to the Xbox 360 as of right this very minute.

Originally launched for the Xbox 360 back in 2007, not too long after the official launch of the new console, really, Bullet Witch offered gamers with a hunger for buckets of bullets and mass carnage a chance to mow down hordes of enemies with a unique weapon system and wonderfully Japanese story/setting/cast of characters. Here’s a blurb from XSEED, just to set the mood.

“The human race is almost extinct as hideous monsters and demons dominate the planet,” reads the statement. “Only the fusing of ancient spells and modern combat can beat the creatures and Alicia, a highly-trained soldier versed in both, is up to the task. The fate of the human race is in her hands as she ventures into the world of monsters, battling them with a mix of magical arts and military equipment.”

That’s right, things have gotten so bad that humanity has to rely on a mixture of witchcraft and automatic rifles to save the day. That sounds just crazy enough to work.

Being a witch (and super soldier, apparently), Alicia’s weapon of choice is basically a broom that can transform into all kinds of weaponry, including a shotgun, machine gun and gatling gun. It also gives her the ability to cast spells, making crowd control or dishing out extra hefty damage a snap.

I’ve seen Bullet Witch pop up from time to time on “most overlooked games of the past generation” lists, so it’s nice to know that everyone now has an easier way to get their hands on this third-person shooter. As of now, you can grab it for $19.99 for the Xbox 360 via Games on Demand. For those of you who managed to play it sometime in the past seven years, be sure to let us know what you thought of Bullet Witch in the comments below.

And for those who would like an even longer look at Bullet Witch in action, here’s a fan-made trailer showing off loads of cutscene clips and action spread across six minutes of gaming goodness.

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