Xbox 360 Is Given PS3's SixAxis Controller Abilities!

The Talismoon Tiltboard for the Xbox 360 is a small device that fits within the Xbox 360 controller, allowing gamers to experience the full-on eclat of tilting technology. What’s more is that it’s a simple device to install...and soon after, Xbox 360 gamers can start bragging to their Wii and PS3 friends about the Tiltboard motion annexation.

Talismoon’s u-shaped Tiltboard is claimed as being more user-friendly than the PS3's SixAxis and of very high quality. I guess we’ll be able to tell how true it is when PS3/Xbox 360 cross-platforming becomes available. In the meantime, the press release indicates that...”The Tiltboard is an intelligent piece of kit and comes pre-loaded with TiltTune technology which is the most user friendly firmware available for such a device. Gamers have the option to adjust the tilt sensitivity, adjust the 0 degree in order to hold the controller at the most comfortable angle, invert the Y axis and turn the tilt function on and off.”

But all the water in the lake isn’t quite as crystal clean and yellow free as you might think. There’s seven wires that have to be soldered to the controller (so while it’s claimed to be a simple process, you still have to have some kind of competency to install it). Afterward, gamers will have a controller that is good to go for some Xbox 360 SixAxis, with rumble... ... ...That almost seems very wrong.

Anyway, you can fill your head with thought food for the Tiltboard by visiting Talismoon’s Official Website. You can also check out the fact sheet below.

Talismoon Xbox 360 Tiltboard Features:

• Custom Fit Design

• 2 multifunction buttons within easy reach

• Requires soldering 7 wires

• "Best practice" install method eliminates control loss as controller battery life weakens

• Persistent memory keeps your TiltTune settings even if there is no power to your controller.

• The new tiltBoard comes preloaded with tiltTune technology TM, the most user friendly firmware available, including:

1) Adjust tilt sensitivity

2) Adjust the 0 degree so that you can hold the controller at whatever angle is natural for you

3) Invert the Y axis (independently for either the stick or the tilt)

4) Turn the tilt on and off (switch between stick and tilt)

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.