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Xbox 360 games tend to be updated at a slower rate than their PC counterparts due to Microsoft's certification process. However, 4J Studios says that their Xbox Live Arcade version of MineCraft might receive "constant updates."

"Microsoft knows that to do a similar thing that's on PC where they constantly update it, that's a very difficult thing to do on Xbox because you have to go through the full tests," 4J chief technology officer Paddy Burns told Edge. "But they are quite keen to move towards that - they do see it as the future, so I think we might be the first to do constant updates."

Burns doubts that the 360 will ever get software updates as fast as the PC. Still, the present standard will be improved.

"I think that there will always be Microsoft testing involved. But the whole turnaround of that testing they're hoping to speed up, so we can maybe roll out very two months. We'll have to see how that goes … I'm really looking forward to it being updated with patches and new features after it's released."

The initial Xbox 360 release of MineCraft will be based on the 1.6.6 beta release for the PC. That's the version that was live for the PC last May. 4J will need to release several updates to get the 360 MineCraft up to version 1.0, the "final" PC version released in November.

In Edge's latest issue, E237, Mojang's Daniel Kaplan said that MineCraft will hit XBLA in "late winter or early spring."