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It's hard to tell if this is a late April Fools, more baseless rumors or if things are finally starting to solidify regarding the Xbox 720's specs. According to VG 24/7 new insiders have leaked additional information about the Xbox 720 and it may have Blu-Ray, dual GPUs and a Christmas 2013 launch has supposedly been confirmed.

A lot of the information seems to be a reiteration of what was rumored back in November, 2011, where it was speculated that the system would contain twin AMD GPUs and a hexacore CPU setup. The new reports from VG 24/7 suggests that one of the cores will be dedicated wholly to a built-in Kinect interface.

The dual AMD GPUs aren't exactly what we all thought before. They are not being used for an SLI/Crossfire setup but rather it's like "two PCs taped together", said the anonymous source. The cards are equivalent in power to AMD's new 7000 series.

Like many other recent rumors, the holiday 2013 release still seems to be on the table as well as talk of an always-on DRM feature to prevent piracy.

The most shocking, though, is that the console will use Blu-Ray. That's a very interesting and bold move from Microsoft, if it turns out to be true. This runs counter to rumors that Microsoft may have been abandoning the disc-tray option altogether.

According to VG 24/7 this information holds some weight as a tweet (that was quickly removed, of course) from Sean Tracy, a technical designer for Crytek hinted at him attending a "Durango" event in London. For those who don't know, "Durango" is the codename that MS has been using for their next console.

Nevertheless, as reported on earlier, Microsoft has officially stated that no new Xbox console will be on display at this year's E3 event, and Sony has confirmed the same thing regarding the PlayStation brand at this year's CES 2012.

Earlier, rumors have surfaced for the PS4 indicating that it will be called the Orbis and will provide limited or no use to used games.

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