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Apparently there have been some leaks regarding the hardware specifications for the Xbox 720 or Nextbox or the “Durango”. The specs are quite impressive and at least aim to show a system that should be future proof in the gaming space for the next couple of years...as far as console gaming goes.

Allegedly, VG Leaks managed to get their hands on the system specification layout of the “Durango” or Xbox 720. It shows a roadmap of the console's tech under the hood and what gamers can expect from the system, power wise. Check out the roadmap below.

If I must say so myself, those are some impressive stats. I know, I know, the latest high-end PC still trumps those specs but we're talking about a dedicated (or at least, it should be) home console. If it's true that the system will maintain 8GB of DDR3 RAM then all I can say is “Thank you, Microsoft!”

The 8GB factor should help drastically in future-proofing the console for a lot of heavy, advanced, progressive and expansive open-world games. Even if the graphics hit the technical ceiling (which will probably happen a lot sooner in the next-generation than this current one) there's still a lot of wiggle room for gameplay expansion and variety thanks to the extensive amount of RAM.

Also, another big highlight is the D3D 11.x dedicated graphics card, which VG Leaks notes as a DX 11.1 compatible GPU, which is pretty good. At 800mhz I don't know if that's all that future proof but graphically it won't be a slouch, that's for sure. The real deciding factor of the future-proofing of the GPU is in its VRAM, which is surprisingly absent from the spec rollout. If the GPU has enough dedicated memory all its own, then that will play a huge factor in whether or not that 8GB will carry the system up to 2020. If the GPU has shared memory then you can kiss that future proof console goodbye.

The rumors around the block is that the Durango/Nextbox/Xbox 720 is expected to receive its official unveiling at this year's E3 tradeshow, but there's no confirmation on that. You can check out more on the rundown of the Xbox 720's specs over at VG Leaks.