Xbox Live Arcade Titles Launching This Wednesday: Screenshots

If Bioshock looks like it might prove to be a bit too much of a shock to your wallet, you may want to check out some of the newest downloadable titles on the Xbox live arcade. Big budgets are big and flashy, but they can also be…cashy (put your dictionaries down, you know what it means).

Street Trace: NYC from Gaia Industries might be the game for you if you thought the previous Tony Hawk title was a little lacking in missiles, plasma rays, and dystopian future-world chaos. Sporting four-player split screen and eight-player online multiplayer, this game gives you all the tools you’ll need to blow the crap out of some good friends or total strangers. The game appears to borrow a bit from other racing games: Mario Kart loyalists might recognize the “draft dash,” a feature that allowing you to boost ahead of a player by snaking up behind them and ganking a boost off of their tailwind. The game looks to be good fun, if not slightly derivative…but hey, I’ve always said that any game can be improved with the addition of a rocket launcher, and this title looks to be no exception.

On the other hand, those of you who love bizarre titles involving random, seemingly unrelated things may want to look into Space Giraffe, described by publisher Llamasoft (what the hell is going on in these studios?) as “100 levels of lovingly hand-crafted shoot-em-up action gameplay from the makers of Llamatron and Tempest 2000.” Bestial references aside, the game looks similar to Geometry Wars...only on acid. Whatever they’re feeding their in-house llamas over there, it must be really, really mind-expanding, cause you don’t pull brilliant lines like “Space Level 97 – The Merrymaking Of The Ox” out of your ass.

Both titles launch Wednesday on Xbox Live Arcade. Check out the screenshots for Street Racer: NYC below for your violent skating edification.