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Those who are members of Xbox Live are no strangers to the repeated outages that plague the Xbox Live network. Whether it’s hackers or maintenance, outages are typical for anyone who chooses to play online with any console. The Xbox Live status page recently reported that the Purchase and Content Usage and Xbox Live Core Services are "limited" for the time being, the word “limited” written in red with an exclamation point. And more recently, the Blinkbox app and the Music, TV and Video features are also labeled as “limited.”

VG24/7 reports that this is Xbox Live’s eighth outage in eight days—yikes. VG24/7 says that the outage has lasted around five hours at the time of writing, which I am guessing was around an hour ago. The Xbox Live status page is still reading that some of the main functions are “limited.” To give you an idea of exactly how serious this outage is, Microsoft responded to the reports with a Tweet saying they are working on getting it fixed.

But that Tweet was posted about three hours ago and the functions are still limited. As you can probably guess, the people are pretty upset.

If you want to keep an eye on the status of the Xbox Live outage for yourself, you can check out the Status Page. Otherwise, we’ll continue to keep you updated as much as possible.