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If you're looking for marketing that feels like a blast from the past (in more ways than one), then you'll want to check out a recent clip made to explain how Xbox One's backward compatibility works.

Coming to us from Xbox On, the following clip harkens back to a day when the folks at Sony, Microsoft, Sega and the like weren't afraid to openly taunt one another. You won't find a guy in a Crash Bandicoot costume yelling through a megaphone at Nintendo HQ, but at least Team Xbox is getting in some good jabs by making fun of competitor Sony's backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4, or lack thereof.

This is, of course, all done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. If you think about it, Xbox On are even making fun of their home platform a bit, commenting on the fact that you don't need to play online to access your old games. That crazy DRM stuff was an original part of the Xbox One plan that was eventually scrapped.

In case you've forgotten what happens in the video Xbox On is parodying above, here's a quick reminder:

In case you haven't booted up your Xbox One this past week, the new Xbox Experience is officially live, bringing with it a remodeled dashboard experience and, yes, backwards compatibility for some games. Cortana will also become a big part of the OS next year and even more games will be added to the backwards compatibility list as time marches forward.

As the video highlights, playing your old Xbox 360 games is as easy as popping them into the disc drive, so long as they are compatible at the time. If you've got a favorite downloadable game from last generation, you can pop on over to the marketplace and get to downloading those, too.

So if you're not too busy playing Halo 5 this holiday season, you can join Master Chief on his old adventures instead. Not interested in Fallout 4 or Star Wars Battlefront? Get in some time with classic Gears of War games instead.

So now that backwards compatibility is live on the Xbox One, how are you readers enjoying the new functionality? Have you had any issues or are you able to load up your old favorites and just get to playing, as the Xbox On video implies? Please let us know in the comments below.