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The battle of the sales has commenced. We still haven't received a full month's breakdown of the November battleground but I imagine the numbers will roll in soon with a steaming pile of flaming fanboys to follow. For now, it looks like the PS4 is beating out the Xbox One, in spite of the latter breaking sales records.

According to the Financial Review, the Xbox One is going strong and hard in the land down under, as market research group NPD has reported an opening launch estimate of 65,917 SKUs sold within the first three days of being made available.

This record has supposedly beaten Nintendo's previous standing, which was held with the launch of the Wii back in 2006.

But here's where the PS4 comes into play. Managing director at SCE, Michael Ephraim, stated that...
“The first weekend sales figures is just the beginning because we haven’t fulfilled all the pre-orders yet. We haven’t been able to completely fulfil the demand as yet but we will. Hopefully consumers can buy one.”

The Financial Review reported that the PS4 is estimated to sell through at least 600,000 units ahead of the Xbox One within the next six months, according to some analytical estimates.

Those estimates aren't singled out by just one or two firms, though. According to Videogamer, Wedbush Morgan Securities has also culled big numbers in favor of Sony's latest PlayStation home console, noting that in the first month of release, the PS4 may show a sales discrepancy of up to 500,000 SKUs over the Xbox One...
"We expect hardware sales of 1.25 million PS4 units and 750,000 Xbox One units in their debut month,"

This could indicate that despite getting a head-start on the PS4 with 13 countries the first week out, the Xbox One's momentum is far less apparent than its rival. Sony has already confirmed a total sales margin of 2.1 million units for the PS4, while Microsoft has been mum about the total sales of the Xbox One.

However, while many people are looking at the Xbox One and PS4 as the true ring-leaders of next-generation home entertainment gaming, the same reports also indicate that the Wii U has moved over 150,000 SKUs throughout November following its sales spike in October, and continuing to further its lead over the competition as the current new-generation home console market leader.

The reality is that the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 won't be able to catch up to the Wii U so long as it keeps the momentum it currently has. The other two systems will probably level out at around 200,000 or 300,000 SKUs a month leading up to March. The Wii U, by that time, will be receiving and will have received some of its harder hitting titles, as it aims to dominate 2014 with indie and AAA titles alike.

The domination of the Wii U will continue.

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