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Rumors have been spreading that there is a new Xbox One controller in the works and proof has finally emerged thanks to a leak from Austrian retailer Libro. They mistakenly let loose an image of a “Covert Forces” controller with a new 3.5mm headphone jack.

Game Informer caught wind of the news before Libro realized their blunder and removed the page. Formerly, you could find the controller with the new covert army livery on this page here. As it stands, the page is currently empty after someone at the retailer blew the load a little early.

Game Informer reached out to Microsoft for comment about the news regarding a new controller and a rep for the company simply told them via e-mail...
We’re gearing up for an exciting E3 where we’ll showcase more games and experiences, we have nothing further to share at this time.

This response followed on a story that originally appeared on Eurogamer, where they happened across a diagram showing a brand new Xbox One controller with a support 3.5mm jack. This would enable gamers to plug in a compatible 3.5mm headset or earphones to use with the controller. At the moment, only Microsoft-approved stereo headsets are eligible for being plugged into the Xbox One controller. Other companies like Turtle Beach and PDP have registered to supply Xbox One owners with approved accessories, including new headsets and audio gear.

After Eurogamer spotted the diagram on Microsoft's own support page for the Xbox One, Microsoft quickly had the page removed. Of course, the internet never forgets. Cached versions of the page were recovered and pored over by eager gamers who wanted to dissect and scour every millimeter of the diagram for the supposed upcoming controller.

Microsoft hasn't messed much with the Xbox One's controller and that's likely because most people feel it's about as good as it's going to get. Other gamers still feel as if the Xbox 360 controller is about as pitch perfect as you can get when it comes to design, layout and a comfortable feel. I do think that the shoulder buttons on the Xbox 360 are a bit more responsive and better positioned, but I also think that the Xbox One controller has better analog pads that don't wear down as easily as the ones on the Xbox 360. In fact, in the latter's case if it wasn't for KontrolFreek pads to protect the analog coverings the 360 controller rubber would just be gone from the wear and tear.

Based on Microsoft's response to Game Informer it's likely that we're going to see more of the controller at this year's upcoming E3 event where the company will roll out more details on the new 3.5mm design and what sort of headsets will be supported in conjunction with the new wireless controller.

I'm also curious if there will be more than just the gun-metal camouflage design for the controller? A couple of different liveries will go a long way in enticing some Xbox gamers.

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