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Performance Designed Products is one of the few licensed product manufacturers for the Xbox One. They're currently working on a new charger for Microsoft's home console that can charge up a controller in just under a minute. Too good to be true or is PDP utilizing some kind of tech wizardry?

Destructoid doesn't quite know what's up with the charger either, because PDP is promising to be able to revive battery-drained Xbox One controllers in just under a minute.

They originally made the announcement in an exclusive given to IGN just ahead of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. According to the IGN article, the PDP Super Charger is capable of giving an Xbox One controller a full charge that lasts anywhere between 10 and up to 12 hours of gameplay. That's a pretty good charge on a minute's worth of charging.

What's interesting is that the PDP chief technology officer, Tom Roberts, mentioned to IGN that the PDP Super Charger isn't a licensed product by Microsoft and isn't being endorsed by any third parties right now. I'm not entirely sure what that means for gamers, but they didn't reveal to IGN what the price of the charger will be or when it will be made available.

Destructoid speculates that the brief promo image seems to hint at a proprietary battery pack with the Super Charger connecting from underneath. It could be true that maybe it isn't licensed or endorsed yet because it is some brand new proprietary technology and PDP is possibly aiming to change the charging game with their Super Charger. Then again, it could be all smoke and mirrors and there's some catch to charging an Xbox One controller in just under 60 seconds. We won't know for sure until CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The feedback on the charger is a mixed bag. Some think it will ignite and catch on fire after a few uses. Others think that the technology doesn't exist. Some people think that gaming is far behind and that this tech is already available in China. A few other people note that this is similar to “blast” charging (not to be confused with “blast” processing) found in Tesla cars. It's a mixed bag of confusion and intrigue.

The “blast” charging seems interesting, but doesn't seem too likely given that it would easily kill the battery pack pretty quickly after several recharges. Of course there's the possibility that PDP is planning on the battery packs not being long term so that people would get some quick charges out of them but would have to rely on replacing them every so often to keep making bank on them. As cynical as it sounds, it's not the worse thing happening in gaming at the moment, especially when DLC is taken into account.

For now, I have no idea how PDP will pull this off but I'm definitely interested in seeing what the final product will look like. If it turns out to be a big success on the Xbox One like the Nyko chargers for eighth-gen consoles, then don't be surprised if a PS4 version of this charger pops up in the near future.