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Oh Microsoft. First off, I have to give you a hand for at least coming clean. I was one of those skeptics who thought you were going to drive through E3 and ignore the DRM policies up until launch, but kudos for at least coming clean early on with open policies. The problem is that the policies are laughable because it's basically saying we can only lease our games from Microsoft.

Angry Joe released a sequel for his Xbox One rant with some NSFW language in a near 30 minute video where he breaks down many of the bullet points from the official Xbox One policies that came straight from the official website.

Joe covers a lot of the same things that gamers have raged about once the policies went live yesterday on June 6th and there's one thing that he points out that a lot of people probably didn't think about: You not only no longer own the games you pay for but you are paying to lease your games from Microsoft for the Xbox One (meaning there is a finite lifespan on all Xbox One games) .

Think about it, you've gone from owning cartridges, CDs and DVDs to leasing digital content -- and please don't say “Hurr, durr you only had a license for those” because I can still pop in an old NES or Sega game right now if I wanted with no problems. This draconian Xbox One console is the literal epitome of the authoritarian service I warned gamers about during the Diablo III fiasco.

I imagine a lot of people are heartbroken more than anything. Like a lot of Xbox fanboys out there I was kind of hoping Microsoft would renege on this stuff...that they would back down and back away...that they would change the policies in a last ditch effort to save face. I mean, yeah I honestly prefer the Xbox brand over the PlayStation brand, but there is no way in a devil-under-a-blue-moon-dancing-in-Bermuda that I would support the Xbox One with these kind of policies.

The Xbox One is literally a DMCA protection service as a physical object.

What's crazy is that before the policies were made public everyone was decrying how much money places like GameStop and GAME and the rest were taking away from publishers (viz., and it's entirely not true according to factual financial data) yet GameStop, Best Buy, GAME and other big-name retailers will still stay in business, only they'll be approved and verified by Microsoft to sell you used games. So everyone clamoring with cheers for the defeat of GameStop...well, they're not really going anywhere, only mom and pop shops, eBay, Amazon and Craigslist sales are going away. Those in support of this policy just cheered away their own rights to trade games outside of the big, bad, evil GameStop. The travesty and irony of that predicament is almost beyond the description of mere words.

If we had to make concessions, I could almost live with the Kinect always-listening...almost. The 24 hour check-in is a bust and I don't see how marketers will be able to spin this on the gaming boards because being treated like a prisoner is just disgusting. The used game fee being optional for publishers but not Mandatory by Microsoft is insane, and limiting the transfer of licenses to only a one-time trade means you can't share a single game with different people at different other words, lending games like in every past generation of gaming is out of the question. But the part that really gets to me is that as a game collector I simply cannot live with a system that puts a lifespan on my collection. I'm curious how other gamers feel about that? I'm not even going to mention games that require the Cloud...goodbye anyone who isn't rich.

Anyway, with Microsoft shutting down communication at E3 we can basically take their public policies as the shovel of dirt on the coffin that's buried a good six feet under. It feels like the ball is now in Sony and Nintendo's court.

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