Team Xbox provided some E3 coverage of its own last week, pulling together one video per day during the main event to give gamers an inside look at the goings on at the Microsoft booth. Now you can check out all of that content in one convenient place over on the Major Nelson blog.

Just when you thought E3 news was wrapping up, here we come a full week after the show ended with yet another post collecting info from the showroom floor.

Similar to what Sony did over on the PlayStation Blog, Microsoft has utilized the Major Nelson blog to give gamers a one stop shop for all things E3. While the Xbox booth's three daily coverage videos aren't as numerous as the ones offered on the PS Blog, the content here is still good viewing for those who are still trying to decide which next gen rig to pick up this holiday season. I imagine that, after yesterday's big DRM switcharoo, that internal debate has grown a lot more heated.

Boasting trailers of upcoming games like Battlefield 4, chats with Microsoft reps like the Major himself, and discussions with developers, like Thief's Eidos Montreal, these three videos give you a sort of behind-the-scenes look at the Xbox booth at E3 2013.

To find out about all things Xbox from last week's big show, simply head on over to the blog post and get to watching. You'll even see former G4 celebs Kevin Pereira and Morgan Webb!

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