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Oh the war isn't over with just yet. While we previously reported on the sales spike in the UK for the Xbox One, new reports have indicated that the Xbox One partially managed to dominate the UK sales charts over the PS4 the past four weeks.

Videogamer picked up a news story from MCV UK, where they're reporting that for the past two fortnights, the Xbox One has been the top selling console in the United Kingdom, with MCV writing...
“The machine has benefited from a £30 price cut, while the launch of Titanfall last week caused a surge in console sales of 96 per cent.”

Sadly, this victory was short-lived, as retailers shortly thereafter informed MCV that the surge was also due to a shortage of supply for the PlayStation 4. This really helps put things into pespective, especially considering that the fresh batch of new PS4 units at UK retailers has caused a 72% sales spike for Sony's new console, effectively putting it back on top of the eighth-gen console sales race.

What's more is that the PlayStation 4 is not only expected to maintain its lead but it's also expected to further distance itself from the competition all the way up to the summer. According to Expert Reviews, they picked up quotes from the Wall Street Journal who spoke to Sony's group chief operating officer, Andrew House, who stated that...
"Conservatively, as we get into the early summer months, we'll be closer to a full supply situation,"

The PS4's retail chain supply has been thin ever since its launch in mid-November in 2013. This issue has plagued Sony (for the better) all the way through the winter, and even now into spring.

Despite the short surge of sales leading up to the presumably positive launch of Titanfall for the Xbox One, the SKU movements from retail shelves still hasn't quite been enough for Microsoft's latest console to overthrow Sony... or Nintendo, as far as install base goes.

The real question will be how well the four week sales surge will help the Xbox One beyond the launch of Titanfall.

Keep in mind that it's still a long haul until E3, where all three eighth generation consoles are expected to move huge units, very similar to what happened last year with the Wii U during the announcement of the Xbox One.

From here until E3, Microsoft doesn't have a lot of heavy hitters, and they're already reeling from another boost in sales for the PS4 for inFamous: Second Son, which has managed moderate review scores, as well as the upcoming AAA release of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U on May 30th, which is shaping up to be the surprise blockbuster of spring.

They'll definitely need something to hold them over while we all wait for the DX12 Secret Sauce games to launch.

(Main image courtesy of DecalGirl)

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