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If you're an Xbox One owner and you're currently getting in on the goods that Electronic Arts is offering through their EA Access program, well you'll enjoy knowing that Battlefield: Hardline will be free soon for those registered with EA Access.

Game Informer picked up the news from a post over on Reddit, where someone posted an image of the store listing of EA Access that showed Battlefield: Hardline as a game that's “coming soon” to EA's Vault. The Vault is basically a place where subscribed members can get their hands on various EA titles for free.

Some of the games in The Vault includes Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 15, NHL 15 and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare to name but a few.

Battlefield: Hardline joining The Vault means that anyone who subscribes to EA's service will be able to play the game for as long as they want, whenever they want... so long as they stay subscribed to the service.

The EA Access service is basically EA's own version of Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. It offers gamers discounts on games published by EA as well as early access trials to upcoming titles and the aforementioned free titles available through The Vault.

Interestingly enough, Sony opted not to take up Electronic Arts on their offer to provide the PlayStation 4 with EA Access. Sony felt it wasn't something that would add substantial value to the PlayStation 4. Basically it would be EA adding another subscription layer on top of PlayStation Plus, only the service would be limited to EA titles. Nevertheless, Microsoft jumped on the deal and now Xbox One owners can take advantage of the discounts, deals, trial offers and early access to various EA games.

As for Battlefield: Hardline, the game had a rough promotional road leading up to release. A lot of gamers complained that it was just a re-skin of Battlefield 4 with a $60 price tag. Others complained that it wasn't really Battlefield anymore; and some felt that it was just cashing in on the popularity of GTA V and Payday 2 at the time.

EA and Visceral Games managed to win over some favorable support by the time the game launched after they unveiled the modes where players chased down each other in speeding vehicles as they attempted to complete specific objectives. The mode was universally praised amongst a lot of the negativity surrounding Battlefield: Hardline.

Funnily enough, Battlefield 4 throughout this time has been receiving more positive feedback as gamers feel that after all the fixes and expansion packs the game is a very laudable entry in the series. Maybe over time the same will be said about Battlefield: Hardline?

Well, if you don't already have EA Access you can get your hands on the newest Battlefield title from Visceral Games if you do decide to sign-up for the service. Alternatively you can always just get a used copy from GameStop or eBay. Anyway, you can learn more about EA Access by visiting the official website.