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If you still haven't picked up an Xbox One yet, or perhaps you want to tape two consoles together to make the first ever Xbox Two, then you'll be able to do exactly that for slightly cheaper in the very near future, as Microsoft announces another $50 price cut is coming to its next gen console.

This latest generation has been an interesting showdown between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, if you're into following those kinds of shenanigans. After being behind in sales for much of the previous generation, Sony's newest machine came out of its corner swinging, quickly taking the majority of early adopters while the Xbox One was left to struggle in second place.

Blame it on an initial lack of exclusives, questionable early design choices and the like, the Xbox One had a lot of ground to make up. Now, with games like Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive and Forza beefing up its roster, Microsoft pulling a 180 on many of those early missteps and more entertainment services slowly making their way to the console, things are starting to level out. The Xbox One actually had a fantastic holiday season, partially spurred on by a limited price drop of $50.

This is all relative, of course, as the Xbox One, even at its worse, was outperforming its previous generation's benchmarks and, for the most part, all three major publishers seem to be doing a good job of pushing their consoles out the door.

But it looks like Microsoft wants to keep the positive momentum going forward for the One, as a recent post on the Major Nelson blog announced yet another $50 price cut is coming down the line.

“With the new year well underway and an exciting lineup of blockbuster titles available in 2015, we wanted to bring yet another opportunity for Xbox fans to get their hands on an Xbox One with Kinect for the special price of $449,” reads the announcement.

The promotional price will last for two weeks, beginning tomorrow, Feb. 8, and running through Saturday, Feb. 21. In that time period, you'll enjoy 50 bucks off the traditionally $500 piece of equipment at “most major national retailers,” such as Amazon, Best Buy, stores like Target and Walmart, etc. If you're not interested in a Kinect, you can get the massive-camera-free version of the console for $349 during that same promotion.

The post goes on to highlight the 2015 calendar of games, including multiplatform titles like Battlefield: Hardline and Evolve, as well as recent exclusives like Dance Central Spotlight and Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

So, is this enough to push you over the edge this time around? Any non-Xbox One gamers finally looking to pick up the console in the next couple of weeks?

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