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Microsoft's new method of adding new backwards compatible games any time they're ripe and ready has turned into a bit of a weekly event. It seems as if every couple of days new games are added, and this time it's the classic DOOM 3: BFG Edition and Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine that made the cut.

Gamespot spotted the tweet from Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb where he let the Xbox gaming community know that the two new games are now available to play on the Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

The Twitter feed is very interesting. A lot of Xbox One owners love that they made DOOM 3: BFG Edition available as a backwards compatible title,but a lot of people are disappointed that it's disc only. While some gamers purchased a disc copy for the Xbox 360, others have the digital version attached to their Xbox Live profiles. This has resulted in some gamers not being able to play their copies of DOOM 3 on the Xbox One since the digital download version isn't available... yet.

A few others had problems with the fact that the games are still region locked, resulting in those from Brazil not being able to play the games via backwards compatibility. When the complaints were made about the region lock, the Xbox support stepped in to offer some help and suggested to gamers from regions where backwards compatible titles are region-locked, to make their voices heard by voting on the Xbox feedback page.

DOOM 3 was one of the games that really helped define gaming two generations ago. Before Crysis it was a game that a bunch of PC gamers upgraded their PCs in mass in order to play the game. It's nice to see the HD Xbox 360 version of the game being made available as a backwards compatible title on the Xbox One.

Monaco is an indie classic that came out last gen. It's a stylish multiplayer game with a snazzy soundtrack that was put together by composer Austin Wintory; yes, the same Austin Wintory who composed the soundtrack to the PS3 classic, Journey.

These two games join shortly after Microsoft made three other games available via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One earlier this week, which included Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Sonic The Fighters, and one of my personal favorites, Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

Some of the backwards compatible titles that Microsoft is making available for their home console is actually putting to shame what Sony has available through PlayStation Now. In fact, Microsoft is quickly catching up to the PlayStation Now's software library, offering approximately half the amount of titles available on Sony's streaming platform. If they keep it up, Microsoft will have the Xbox One's backwards compatible catalog rivaling the likes of PlayStation Now by the end of the year.

You can start playing the digital version of Monaco on the Xbox One right now. The physical version of DOOM 3:BFG Edition is also available to play on the Xbox One as well.