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The official release date and price for Microsoft's Xbox One has been set in stone at this year's E3 conference. The company waltzed on stage and set the price, release window and policies firmly in the ground, as gamers will be able to experience the next-generation of Xbox gaming later this year during the holiday season.

The Xbox One from Microsoft's entertainment game studios will encompass advanced technology, including 8GB DDR3 RAM, with 3GB reserved for three separate operating systems. The console contains an octo-core processor and Cloud streaming technology to advance the way games are experienced and played. The system also has built-in features for accessing ESPN, sports TV, Netflix and other streaming technology for television and movie content. Additionally, gamers can stream their play-sessions using the app that is always accessible from within the game.

Microsoft unveiled a line-up of brand new games, including new IP and popular sequels for the highly anticipated console. The launch of the Xbox One will take place this upcoming November and the console will retail for $499.99 in NTSC regions, €499.99 in select PAL regions and £429.99 in the U.K.

You can pre-order the Xbox One at participating retailers, such as Blockbuster and Gamestop.

Now that the advertorial parts are done and out of the way, let me break down some truth knowledge for you: The Xbox One's policies restrict users from lending, renting or borrowing games. There is a mandatory 24 hour check-in before you're allowed to access content on the system. While an Xbox Live master account can have up to 10 family members on it, enabling them to access Xbox One games and content, any friends or other individuals outside of the house will be restricted in accessing content you purchased, unless you let them use your Xbox Live account.

Used games are possible on the Xbox One, but additional used game fees are up to publishers, and only Microsoft mandated retailers are approved to sell and trade used games.

If the above policies don't bother you, along with an always-on Kinect, then feel free to pre-order the Xbox One at your discretion.

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