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Microsoft wasn’t kidding when they announced more and more games would be added to the list of backwards compatible titles throughout the past 12 months. This week’s addition is only a single game, but at least it’s a great one.

The Xbox 360 game Rayman Origins is now available as a backwards compatible game for the Xbox One.

Compared to the past couple of weeks, it’s easy to imagine that some folks might be disappointed by a single game getting added to the list this week. Other entries in April included big name titles like:
Doom 3
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Sonic the Fighters
Dark Souls
Left 4 Dead 2
Saints Row IV
Dead Space

However, if you own the last-gen disc of Rayman Origins, you can now pop it into your new-gen console and get to playing. If you purchased Origins digitally for the 360, you can now download it onto your Xbox One. If you want to finally play the game for the first time (and you absolutely should), then you can now purchase it and get to playing on the One.

This latest announcement comes to us via the Major Nelson blog, which is doing a good job of reminding folks what games currently offer backwards compatibility and even a few expected launch dates.

So, yes, when games have been pouring out as of late, Rayman Origins launching by its lonesome may seem a little anticlimactic. But that’s probably only the case if you’ve never actually played the game. One of the best platformers, period, this bright and colorful romp reminded last-gen gamers just how much fun running, jumping and swinging across levels could be. It’s a meaty game, too, offering loads of levels to plow through, secrets to discover, challenge levels to conquer and the ability to play with up to three friends on the same screen. Oh, and the soundtrack is superb, too. Here’s hoping that this means the way has been paved for the equally fantastic sequel, too, Rayman Legends.

If, however, you’re still not convinced to take Rayman: Origins for a spin, then there’s probably another Xbox One backwards compatibility game available that you could pass the time with. The list has gotten massive, and you can check out everything available by visiting the official website.

Speaking of all of those backwards compatible games, has anything in recent weeks gotten our readers to fire up an old disc or revisit a favorite digital title from the last generation? Maybe you finally took the plunge with a 360 game you always wanted to play but never got around to? Fill us in on the details in the comments section below.