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Microsoft has launched the latest update for the Xbox One. The November patch has gone live, featuring a bevy assortment of new updates and upgrades to finally help get the Xbox One to reach some measure of potential that Microsoft set out to achieve when they first announced the console last May.

Over on Major Nelson's blog Larry Hryb drops a simple three minute video that explains all the goods and upgrades that Xbox One owners will be able to utilize and exercise with the utmost enjoyment.

The big feature for the November rollout is the custom backgrounds. The option enables gamers to either plop a USB device full of JPGs and PNG files into their Xbox One and pick and choose what they want as their background. Alternatively, if you have your Xbox One hooked up to a home network you can easily use the new Media Player and connect to your home server via the DLNA support. Once in the menu you can scroll through your shared files, select the image of your choosing and set it as your backdrop. This handy video from Simple How-To Guide lays out a very basic process in setting up your Xbox One to read media files from your computer or USB device.

The other upgrades in the system update includes the profile highlighter, which showcases some of your achievements and game clips when people view your profile. It's a neat way to show off to your friends how cool and accomplished you are as a gamer.

Additionally, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can easily and instantly browse through the Games for Gold tab from within the store menu. Speaking of the store menu, there's a new way to find games and apps in a far easier manner now that the new category menu has been added to the left side of the menu.

As mentioned in the previous preview for the update, gamers can also share their location and biography with the rest of the world. I have no idea why anyone would really want to share their location and go on a Tumblrina-style biography exposé on Xbox Live, but hey, if sharing all your personal details with the world is your kind of thing... don't let safety, privacy and common sense stand in the way of biographical excellence.

Those television features mentioned are also live, so now those who like watching TV on their TV can also see what's trending in the TV Twitter feeds as well as the live TV trending topics.

You can check out the full patch notes over on Major Nelson's blog. If you don't have the Xbox One set to auto-update, you can manually update the system from within the system information tab in the settings menu.

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