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With the NBA season winding down, Microsoft wants to make sure everyone has a chance to land a few shots from the virtual free throw line this weekend, giving everyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership the chance to shoot hoops in NBA 2K15 free of charge this weekend.

Now that we’ve reached NBA Playoffs season, the folks over at Xbox Wire are reporting a special promotion through the weekend, beginning at 12 p.m. PDT on Friday, April 24, and running through 12:01 a.m. on Monday, April 27. During that time, all Xbox Live Gold members can download and enjoy the latest game in the NBA 2K series at no cost. Simply clear your calendar, download the game and get to playing. Simple as that.

The original post notes that this won’t be a trimmed down version of the game or a multiplayer-only affair. You’ll have a crack at NBA 2K15 in its entirety, no strings attached, for the full three-day period. Even better is the fact that your progress will be saved so, if you happen to decide to buy the game after this free sample, you’ll be able to continue right from where you left off.

“After the weekend, you’ll have the option to purchase the game online from the Xbox Store or visit your favorite retailer and continue playing,” reads the announcement. “You will also get to keep your Gamerscore and achievements earned while playing, so invite your Gold friends to play and see who the master of the hardwood is.”

If this weekend’s gratis gaming convinces you to make a purchase, you’ll also be able to earn some savings on some in-game microtransactions, too. The NBA 2K15 Bundle will be marked down to 40 percent off, with the game’s Virtual Currency also receiving a discount of 33 percent off through the weekend. I’m pretty sure those prices are open to everyone so, if you already own NBA 2K15 and want to add some VC to your digital wallet, be sure to drop by the online marketplace sometime this weekend.

This isn’t the first time this type of promotion has popped up, as first-person shooters like games in the Battlefield series frequently host similar events. Xbox One gamers also had a limited free crack at Sunset Overdrive in recent months, giving folks a chance to try out the insane antics before plopping down their 60 bucks.

These kinds of promotions are actually pretty brilliant. I don’t typically have an interest in sports games but, if you offer one up for a few days of free play, I’ll certainly try it out. Assuming I like what I see, 2K Sports will have earned themselves a new customer. It’s basically a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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