Lots and lots and lots of “official” news these past couple of days, most of it due to the biggest electronic entertainment trade show of the year, E3. Yesterday both Sony and Microsoft laid out their plans for the future of next-generation console gaming, already kicked off by Nintendo last year with the Wii U, and expected to continue this year with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has now officially opened channels for pre-orders of the Xbox One, for the entry price of $499.99.

The the pre-order will allow you to grab a single Xbox One unit directly from the Microsoft marketplace or from participating retailers, including Blockbuster Video (and while financially decrepit, no they aren't dead...yet) and GameStop...the two places that will be hit the hardest from the used game DRM of the Xbox One. I don't know if it's sad or funny but it's hard to shed a tear and it's too pathetic to actually laugh.

What's worse is that Microsoft could be to be up to their old tricks again; some users are claiming that some of the negative comments on their official Xbox One facebook page are being deleted. However, there's no real way to tell, it wouldn't be the first time that negative criticisms were stomped out, especially when it was found out that all the official Xbox One YouTube video comments had been disabled.

I just don't understand the idea of forcing people into a viewpoint and then stomping out any form of vocal rebellion as if there's a corporate dictatorship over our technological society. It's a strange position for a company to put themselves in when they have to rely on consumer expenses to stay afloat. Oh well.

If you like what the Xbox One is rocking and don't mind the Kinect always being on or the DRM and the whole 24 hour check-in, then by all means you can lay down the $499.99 over on the official website. If you want to take the blue pill, click on the link to the official Xbox One website...but if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, son, press this link for the PS4 policies like your digital gaming life depended on it.

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