Xbox One RAM Crash Troubleshooting Guide

Many gamers have been running into major issues with playing games on the Xbox One, including starting a game only to have it crash less than a minute into play. What could be causing such an issue? Well, it's due to the RAM not being properly flushed.

DualShockers spotted a video by GODTheSniper who offers Xbox One owners a helping hand in fixing this very troubling issue, where the system doesn't clean out the RAM properly after playing games for an extended amount of time, resulting in hang-ups and kick-outs.

The issue itself stems from the less than comely way the Xbox One handles memory management with caching data through the RAM. Given that 3GB of the 8GB of RAM in the Xbox One is reserved for OS functions, the remaining 5GB can get zapped pretty quickly if you play multiple games and then power down the system. While in power save mode, the RAM isn't always properly flushed, and the video above does a quick walkthrough of flushing the RAM of any game contents so that the Xbox One boots clean and pristine after a software enema.

I can't help but notice how silly this console is as a game console... in fact, it's not even a game console, it's a PC pretending to be a living room media hub device. The fact that PCs seem to manage their RAM these days in a much more efficient manner, it's always embarrassing on Microsoft's end that their latest console is not only far behind when it comes to hardware capabilities, but it's not even all that efficient when it comes to software capabilities.

Combined with the inexcusably poor install and load times of games, the Xbox One is starting to seem more and more like it was a rushed-to-the-market device that needed at least another six months of proper testing and thorough optimization.

Right now, users having to come up with Jerry-rigged procedures to get the Xbox One working the way it's supposed to just seems sloppy and uninviting.

While some hardware problems coming off the manufacturing line are to be expected, the one thing gamers don't expect to contend with is sloppy functionality. Some gamers might be forgiving of the disc drive issues – they could be damaged by interns on the assembly line – and some gamers might be lenient toward the mandatory day-one patch, the thing that becomes grating is when the software functionality is completely screwed up and poorly constructed.

With Valve's Steam Machines on the horizon, and iBuyPower announcing that their own Steam Machine will be available in early 2014 for only $499, Microsoft's days in the console race could be coming to an end a lot sooner than expected, especially with one of the potential CEO candidates for Microsoft eying to get rid of the Xbox and Bing divisions.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.