Larry “Major 'Flip Switcher' Nelson” Hryb was out in full promo-force to chat up the new racing accessories for the Xbox One, namely the two new racing wheels that attack the lower and upper-end of the market, and the video is surprisingly sleek.

Beta News tossed out an informative article about the new accessories like they were tossing out their dog's bath water that they accidentally used to feed their own kid. The video embedded in the article comes directly from Microsoft, where Hryb plays linguistic PR-volley with Microsoft's director of strategic alliances, Branden Powell, as he walks the Major through the two new racing wheels due out for the Xbox One this fall.

The wheels include the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia racing wheel, which is a sequel to its Xbox 360 sibling which came out two years ago and a customizable Mad Catz wheel. The updated 458 Italia for the Xbox One offers a lot of the same features as its 360 counterpart at a much higher price... a $399.99 price to be exact. Microsoft certainly doesn't want welfare gamers buying their accessories.

The video does a fine job of rolling out details on how the new racing wheels will make full use of brand new rumble technology – though not quite as new or advanced as Steam's controller – where players will get force-feedback on more than just bumps, grinds and the sweet hum of a Ferrari letting loose the throttle on a wide open straightaway.

Hryb turns up the heat and gets real sultry as he uses the piled-on makeup on his face to really play up his sex appeal to the camera. Not only that, but old Hryb boy attempts to entice gamers with his sensual gesticulations and idiosyncrasies, trying to lure feeble-minded wallet-holders into throwing down cash at the over-priced – oops, I mean high-quality goods for Microsoft's next-gen console.

But Hryb's HD makeup can't sway over everyone. The wheels look good and the customizable Mad Catz is almost downright sexy, but at the exact same time the system lacks enough games to make full use of wheels' capabilities. Considering that the wheels aren't interchangeable with the Xbox 360 (or vice versa) and the Xbox One only has Forza 5 and Need for Speed Rivals on the horizon, it seems a little early to be tossing out overly expensive, proprietary racing peripherals for the console.

Still, if you can afford to throw around your cash like a low-income family from the boondocks throwing around their kids, feel free to pick up one of the racing accessories with the Xbox One starting November 22nd. For more information on the Xbox One and its peripherals (which aren't compatible with the Xbox 360) feel free to learn more over on the official Xbox website.

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