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The Xbox One has had an impossibly hard time gaining sales momentum in any territory, including its own backyard in the great 'ole U.S., of A. Well, that's kind of changing around if the first week sales numbers in China is anything to go by. picked up news that according to Chinese media outlet 17173, the Xbox One has moved all 100,000 stock keeping units in its first week of being on sale across 4,000 retail stores.

There's no proper way to accurately roll the site through a translator without the translation being butchered beyond belief, but the general gist is that the Vice president of Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Information Technology Development made it known that the Xbox One did indeed move 100,000 SKUs within its first week... in fact, the article states that those figures represent the first day sales. However, that could be a translation error as it also states that there is a sales target within the first year of 100 million units being moved into Chinese homes. As much as Microsoft would love to have that kind of market breadth, I don't think that's remotely achievable within the first year on the mainland market of China.

Even still, Microsoft had only made a deal with BesTV to get 100,000 units out within the launch window. So knowing that they moved those units so quickly – within the first week of being on sale, no less – I'm sure they'll ramp up the production orders for something within the quarter-of-a-million range. Slow and steady wins the race.

Microsoft is obviously doing better in China than what they're doing in Japan, where the Xbox One has just basically bombed and died. Less than 30,000 SKUs shifting for the whole month is not a good thing at all, and puts it in the same position that the Wii U was in last year during the summer in North America. However, the big difference between the two is that 30,000 wasn't a standard month of sales for the Xbox One, it was the launch sales. Typically, consoles move pretty big numbers the first month out, and that just did not happen with the Xbox One dropping the land of the rising sun.

Nevertheless, Phil Spencer and crew at least have China to look forward to as far as a mitigating force to compensate for the poor sales of the Xbox One in other regions. As noted in the article...
“Zhang and Shanghai Media Group, the parent company of Microsoft's China partner BesTV, noted that the goal is to sell over 1 million Xbox One consoles in China within a year.”

A million units within a year is a pretty good goal. If Microsoft continues to play their cards right and work their magic with the denizens of Mainland China, it could help get them out of the current sales slump that sees the Xbox One still struggling in third-place, well behind the Wii U.

The Xbox One won't be soaking up sales in China alone, though. The console will be getting some competition from Sony and the PS4 soon.

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