Xbox One Suffers PC-Style Slow Down Due To Memory Issues

“We buy consoles because PCs are too confusing” … “Consoles don't have the same problems as PC, that's why they cost so much”... “I just don't have time to tinker with a PC; it's easier getting a game console”... those are things people used to say when game consoles weren't bargain basement PCs without any of the good stuff.

We previously reported about the Xbox One suffering from memory dump issues, where the system wasn't flushing the cache and it caused major game crashing when using the system without a clean flush. Who knew game consoles needed enemas about as frequently as porn stars?

Anyway, Stonefox Media spotted the article from Gaming Bolt, where issues of UI slowdown were recounted from various members of the gaming community and the gaming media. That's right, this time around the Doritocracy was suffering right there alongside the average nacho eaters.

The article reports that the Xbox One's tablet-style, Windows 8 user interface slows down to a crawl if the cache isn't appropriately or frequently flushed, almost equivalent to previous reports about OS slowdown, amongst other issues. This is obviously an OS problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

One user posted the following piece of advice to fix the situation, noting...

“Just hold power button for 10 seconds. Xbox One has a memory dump issue that’s been reported.”

Even funnier yet is that you don't even have to play games for the memory cache to get flooded and bring the system down to a screeching halt like cops putting a full stop to the Loiter Squad taking a late night cruise in Beverly Hills, as The Verge's managing editor, Chris Ziegler was just using his Xbox One to watch TV on his TV when he ran into the issue, noting on Twitter...

“Oh but consoles don't have the same amount of RAM overhead as PCs”

Monkey grits.

The Xbox One is having the same sort of problems most PCs run into when a media player crashes after getting stuck in a loop and zapping up all the system's resources. However, a cold flush of a PC's RAM is a rare and odd thing to encounter in this day and age, given that memory management is handled quite efficiently in most newer operating systems.

Even worse yet is that the Xbox One has 3GB of its 8GB reserved for OS functionality... that's almost twice as much as the RAM overhead of Windows 7!

So just to recount: The Xbox One has more RAM overhead than a PC. The Xbox One has slower RAM than a PC (since it can't be overclocked). The Xbox One gets memory clots like teens get pimples. The Xbox One has more unstable memory management and optimization than the average Windows 7 PC.

It now makes perfect sense why Microsoft was so adamant in using Windows 7 PCs with Nvidia GTX cards at E3. The Xbox One's OS was obviously too unreliable for long-term, software grinding that would take place throughout the day.

Hopefully Microsoft gets these OS issues sorted out fast, because console gamers don't drop $500 for a less powerful, less reliable, more constricted PC.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.